quick fix: partial or whole body stretch sequence performed VERY QUICKLY

area specific: rapidly address a new, acute issue and working only TARGETED fascial nets


overall wellness and long-term gains
whole body stretch sequence performed VERY SLOWLY

feel rested and at ease, and move with greater balance, stability, and mobility


correct imbalances, with long-term gains
whole body stretch sequence performed VERY SLOWLY

includes TARGETED deeper fascial work and/or standing assisted stretches

TRACY (Level 3)

Level 3 Specialists offer advanced assessment and soft tissue treatment techniques that simultaneously integrate the upper and lower body in creative ways that individualize your session. Tracy is currently one of only four Level 3 Specialists in Massachusetts!

30-minute single session$110
3-pack of 30-minute sessions (save $10)$320
5-pack of 30-minute sessions (save $25)$525
60-minute single session$160
3-pack of 60-minute sessions (save $30)$450
5-pack of 60-minute sessions (save $50)$750
75-minute single session$175
3-pack of 75-minute sessions (save $45)$480
5-pack of 75-minute sessions (save $80)$795

Appointments required for all sessions.
Packages can be shared among friends and family.
3-pack sessions expire 3 months from date of purchase.
5-pack sessions expire 5 months from date of purchase.
Cash, check or Venmo accepted.

Military, Police and Fire discounts available. Please ask for details.

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StretchFit Life


    StretchFit Life Fascial Stretch Therapy

    feel balanced.
    feel better.

    Achieve greater balance, stability and mobility,
    and move throughout the day with ease and comfort!